Updating the database

From version 0.63, each release will come packaged with a database definition file, upgdate.sql that can be used to upgrade the database. Before you go ahead and update the system, you must open the file in your favourite text editor and read the top few lines. An example might read:

  Helpdesk Issue Manager
  Database Definition Script
  Update from version 0.62 to 0.63


Make sure you read this and ensure that the version you are updating from is indeed the one specified. And do as it says, DO NOT USE ON ANY OTHER VERSION or you will end up with a system that does not work. You have been warned.

To carry out the database upgrade, you must execute the database definition script update.sql in your PostgreSQL database. To do this, type the following command. Make sure you specify the full path of the update.sql script if it is not in the current working directory.

#> psql -U chosen_username -W helpdesk -f update.sql

The above script will then modify the database to bring it up to the correct release format by creating or altering tables, and of course, updating the system's version number. The above script should return no errors.