HelpmeICT - Helpdesk Issue Manager v0.71

Dave Thorne

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
What is the system?
Domains - Functional Diversity
Sites - Scaling the System
Levels - Escalating Issues
Users - The Life Blood
Access Types
What can those Access Types do?
2. Initial Installation
Getting hold of the distribution
PHP scripts
Unpacking the scripts
Configuring PHP
Setting up the database
Creating the database
A note on security
3. Migrating an existing installation
Migrating the PHP scripts
Migrating the database
4. Upgrading an existing installation
Updating the PHP scripts
Updating the database
5. System Configuration
Initial setup
Working with Domains
Working with Sites
Working with Users
Working with Priorities, Statuses and Levels
Working with Public Notices
Implementation Examples
List of Tables
1-1. Privileges